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Women's Whole Health Initiative 

Aarogyam UK is pleased to set up independent initiative in the UK to support women across the spectrum of their life from generalized health, pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding, children and families, mental health, reproductive health and menopause. 

We are working with girls and women from diverse backgrounds with a targeted interest in Black, Asian, Minority & Ethnic communities and mixed heritage backgrounds to pursue whole health and well-being of women are at the heart of health equity. 


Our Focus Areas

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Hormonal Health

Female hormones have a direct effect on multiple facets of women's health, not only reproduction and fertility, therefore it's critical to understand how these hormones affect overall wellness. Understanding the role of hormones in the body allows you to make the best lifestyle choices for a healthy endocrine system.

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Maternal Health

Whole health is a common good that benefits people, families, and communities. Maternal health of women focuses during pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal period. Each stage must be positive experience, ensuring women and their babies reach their full potential for health and well-being.

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Meet the Women's Whole Health Initiative (UK) Lead

Dr Manisha Patel.jpg
Dr Manisha Patel

Director & Lead, Women's Whole Health Initiative, Aarogyam UK

Dr Patel is mental health expert and advisor in Aarogyam UK and a passionate advocate of making communities mentally healthy and breaking down stigma towards mental health. 

She is Psychiatrist, Clinical Biochemist, Researcher and Technical Expert on long term trauma. Dr Patel leads the team of psychologists involved in developing the scientific knowledge base for the Aarogyam's Management Standards approach to tackling long term trauma, mental health and post traumatic impacts in Great Britain. Over the last 3-years, she has co–authored several research papers published on those Standards. She has sat as a co-opted expert on Expert Review Panel on Breathe-Free Project and been involved in developing organization support advice for domestic abuse, childhood abuse and sexual violence. She has been involved in working across the EU on several initiatives in relation to psychosocial trauma prevention. 

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