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Governance Framework.

The governance framework comprise 5 distinct groups, which make recommendations to the Aarogyam (UK) board members. These groups have been established as required to examine specific health and prevention issues. These are:
















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Governing Board​

Governing board that takes overall responsibility for its work.

It includes our Board of Directors and Managing Director.  

Expert Board ​

Expert Board examine key strategic matters that affect objectives of Aarogyam (UK). Multidisciplinary expertise join together for delivering expert services in our community, research and international outreach programs. 

Independent Review Board ​

The Independent Review Board was set up to review all aspects of the community and research services. Experts from  law, medicine, education, social services, nursing, community and research diversify our ethics committee. 

Data Monitoring Board 

A data monitoring board monitor patient safety and treatment efficacy data while a study and program is ongoing. Independent members are from information technology, tele-health, machine learning and engineering who supervise data management and analysis. 

Community Advisory Board 

A Community Advisory Board (CAB) is a collective group of community members and organization representatives that provide community information and assistance to the research project or initiative team.

Governing Board 

The board is responsible for the governance of Aarogyam (UK)- ensuring it is effectively and properly run and is meeting its overall purposes as set out in its governing document. Our Board of Directors is responsible for the running of the Trust and for developing plans for the future. The Board is accountable for meeting national standards, performance targets and financial requirements, and reports to the review boards on the running and performance of the Aarogyam (UK). 

  • Dr. Neha Sharma is Managing Director, leading on the implementation of a portfolio of programmes across UK and Overseas. ​

  • Usha Solanki is Director of people and culture, build strong internal and external relationships through community outreach and collaborations. ​

  • Rohit Kumar: Secretary,  is finance and resource expert, actively supports Aarogyam's financial and quality improvements as well as securing funding for projects.

Independent Review Board 

Because of its growing community-based research, particularly in health disparities, Aarogyam (UK) established its own community IRB in February 2020 as the cornerstone of its research ethics review process. Aarogyam's IRB reviews studies it is directly involved in as well as studies that involve university led-research into the local community. 

​Currently it is an internal review board for Aarogyam UK programs, projects and research services. Lead research official come to the review meeting where the twelve independent reviewers engage in dialogue. The intent is for the conversation to result in a stronger research design. Meetings are held quarterly. Independent reviewers come from health care, medicine, nursing, social care, mental health, education, community development, scientific expertise, family and individual representation. 

The importance of the review process includes providing guidance on protections, empowering community programs to be equal research partners, giving voice to under-represented communities regarding research, and building capacity.

Data Monitoring Board 

A data monitoring board – also called a data and safety monitoring board (DSMB), is an independent group of five experts who monitor participant's safety and treatment efficacy data while a study and program is ongoing. Our group of independent researchers who monitor the safety and scientific integrity of community based trial.


The Board recommends to the study team that the study be stopped if it is not effective, if it is causing harm to participants, or if it is not likely to serve its scientific purpose. Committee members are chosen based on the scientific skills and knowledge needed to monitor the particular study. We have two scientist, statisticians and IT experts to monitor not only efficiency but data collection, monitoring and data management. 

Community Advisory Board 

Aarogyam (UK)'s community initiatives are supported by a forty-member advisory board made up of representatives from community-based organisations, professional associations, universities, NHS networks as well as patients and physicians.  In addition to attending monthly meetings, Community Advisory Board members serve on committees to help in project development. CAB members often fulfil a liaison role by providing a link between the community project and the organisations they represent. They keep their organizations informed of the Project’s progress and current activities. Specific roles of CAB is to ​

  • link between a community and the research group

  • Express health issues and concerns of the community

  • Be the “voice” of the people

  • Give feedback on specific aspects of ideas and design of project from a community point of view

  •  Support the project from beginning to end

  • Help get participants involved in the project and future CAB members

  • Assist in sharing information to the community

  • Get the community get involved and share experiences. 

Without people like you, Aarogyam simply wouldn’t be here. 

We understand that everyone has skills which we can support the work we do. As we have over 30 different roles we are confident that we will be able to match you to your dream volunteer role. 

Volunteers are recruited for their unique talents and, with over 50 individual volunteer roles on offer across our organisation, we’re sure to have something for everyone – no matter what your ability, experience, interests or reason for volunteering. If you’re a business or a community group, we’d also love to hear from you as we offer a variety of projects you can get involved with.

Meet The Experts Members on Community Initiative 


Dr Neha Sharma

Research and Evaluation 


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Mrs Usha Solanki

Community Outreach 



Rohit Kumar 

Finance and Auditing 


Dr Nair

Dr Remya Nair

Lead Ayurveda Consultant


Rakesh Patel 

Lead Active Movement Therapy

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Prashant Pandey

Lead Tele-Medicine & IT

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-06 at 13.12.21.jp

Kirthi Jobanputra

Lead Social welfare & elderly support


Asha Nathwani

Lead Public Engagement 

WhatsApp Image 2020-03-18 at 11.19.20.jp

Neela Jasrani

Lead Finance & Operation accounting 

WhatsApp Image 2020-11-17 at 21.21.05.jp

Dhaval Vyas

Lead Traditional Healing 

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Dr Venkata Joshi

Lead Indian Traditional Healing 


Meenu Kumar 

Lead Psychologist 

Meet The Experts Members on Research Initiative 

Dr Abhijith Venu.jpeg

Dr Abhijith Venu



Dr Skanthesh Lakshmanan


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Dr Krithika Pandey