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The UK-India Joint Research Initiative is a strategic partnership established to facilitate the development of new therapeutics and support the education and training of the next generation of world-leading researchers. Working in partnership, we are creating and supporting a vibrant, connected community of practitioners and scientists working to tackle research and policy challenges.  

Our History 


Traditional Indian Medicine 

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic, a UK-India Joint Research Initiative has been initiated to assess the safety, efficacy, and effectiveness of Traditional Indian Medicine in response to COVID-19, Long COVID, and many other potential health issues.


Healthcare professionals who would not normally have the opportunity to participate in clinical research in their day-to-day roles had the opportunity to work on and deliver research projects under the guidance of senior research investigators through a year-long  Research Scholars Program. 


Community-Research Network 

In India, the Community-Research Network (Gyansanjeevani India) was established to work on relational community engagement processes, which can emphasise meaningful interactions that place people and communities at the forefront of health service delivery and decision-making, build relationships and strengthen collaborative action, and eliminate disparities in authority and inequities.

Research Scholar Program 

What We do


Research & Development

Through supporting researchers participation in knowledge exchange and research translation activities, we aspire to advance collaborative research and innovation between academia and business. Aarogyam (UK) has been a pioneer in community-based research and innovation. The UK-India Joint Research Initiative has been established to build on these academic strengths.


Training & Education

We provide high-quality training programs to students and professionals, as well as a one-of-a-kind research mentorship experience. Each year, we run a comprehensive research skills training program for professional, independent researchers and early-career researchers in all areas of academia, expertise, and community groups in both nations. 


Innovation Series

Recently, Innovation Series has been launched. This regular series aims to bring together experts from a variety of distinct but closely related fields to discuss the potentials and challenges of translational research and how we can work together to create the right environment to support innovative ideas across academia, healthcare, business, stakeholders, regulations, and finances.

Meet the UK-India Joint Research Initiative Lead

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Vinayak Sharma

Lead, UK-India Joint Research Initiative

Mr. Sharma is an Executive Business Coach & Analyst. He is also Global Managing Partner, Innowage UK.  He himself is a successful entrepreneur and leader in the areas of creating goal - directed businesses, effective communication, leadership development, business strategy, and marketing.

Using one-on-one assistance, he assists businesses in reaching their full potential. He also collaborates with leaders in their respective fields to provide clients with supplementary services. He is an enthusiastic spiritual speaker, instructor, and author. He has been invited to speak at universities, conferences, webinars, and global research and partnership congress, and his writing has appeared in magazines and award-winning blogs. Vinayak is the father of one daughter, and she continues to view him as her greatest teacher and influencer.

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