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Survivor-focused Program

Breathe-Free Project develops and implements survivor-centered, trauma-informed approach that support survivors of abuse, violence, trauma or childhood adverse events. 


An effective response to trauma and associated mental health includes services that are both survivor focused and led. The term victim-focused refers to an approach to practice that focuses on the needs of the survivor  rather than the roles, expectations, or desires of the individual and/or organization(s intervening). In this approach, the one's wishes, safety, and holistic well-being take priority in all matters and procedures. 


Building upon, Survivor-led refers to an approach that equips and empowers survivors to take a leadership role in their own life and in the larger movement against the form of struggle, distress, abuse and/or exploitation they have endured and overcome. In this manner, a context is cultivated that promotes the holistic prosperity of survivors. 

Why Breathe-Free? 

  • Breathe-Free prioritised the needs of survivors.

  • Encourage survivors to lead in whatever approach they are most comfortable and invested about. This gives survivors the opportunity to have a voice in care.

  • Make healing the first priority for everyone.

  • Survivors are those who have overcome mental health challenge, struggles, trauma, abuse, and oppression. They are intimately familiar with the needs of those affected, as well as what works and what does not. They are constantly at the forefront of group treatment and personalised options.

  • We recognize and acknowledge the courage required to endure and overcome challenges so the programme remains individualised, using one's own strength and decisions to move forward in recovery.

  • Breathe-Free is based on a trauma-informed approach, which allows for dealing with the whole individual rather than just symptoms or areas of focused attention.

  • Initiative engages with people from all cultures and communities. Care that is culturally sensitive and responsive is at the heart of what we do.

Program Details 

  • September 4th 2023 (12-weeks) Breathe-Free Program will be starting 

  • Each week, group sessions are structured around specific focal areas using an integrative and whole-person approach.

  • ​Each week, two professionals lead the group, which is supervised by lead psychiatrists/mental health experts to ensure the safety and well-being of all participants.

  • Program will be open for anyone having acute or long term trauma associated with mental health, grief, substance abuse, family or community violence, abuse, intimate partner violence, sexual violence, and childhood adverse events.  

Join the Community 

 Aarogyam Community is available to all and includes the group on WhatsApp and online groups for support.

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