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Practitioner's Program

Support Practitioner's Program

Health, social care and community care  professionals play an important role in recognizing and helping trauma survivor including victim of violent and abusive relationships, grief and mental health disorders. 

On this structured program, support professionals or volunteers wanting to support people in the community will reflect on the impact of trauma and long term impact on individual and understand responsibilities as a support practitioners. By the end of this program, support practitioners will be more confident to help support trauma survivors.

Expected outcome 

  • Understand the concept of trauma and its impact on individual 

  • Define and identify different forms of trauma impact from psychological, physical and complex trauma

  • Recognize signs and symptoms as a whole, and address with trauma informed care in integrative ways

  • Evaluate the role and responsibilities of professionals in their identification and management of survivors 

  • Provide effective support to survivors 

  • Learn to work with multiple agencies with referring and reporting 

  • Basic ethics and regulation in dealing with mental health acts and DV to child abuse safeguarding procedures. 

  • Supervised and supported learning and dealing with cases 

Program Details 

  • September 9th 2023 (one-day training) Breathe-Free Support Practitioner's Program will be starting 

  • Learn to recognize the signs of acute or long term trauma and support survivors as a health, social or community support.

  • Program will be open for anyone supporting and helping survivors including health and social care professionals, family support workers, and community workers, lawyers, school teachers, police, and anyone familiar with mental health to long term trauma. 

Join the Community 

 Aarogyam Community is available to all and includes the group on WhatsApp and online groups for support.

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