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Aarogyam (UK) is committed to helping communities and grassroots groups, to trial new projects and approaches that can have real impact in the community.

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Aarogyam Health & Well-Being Project 

Aarogyam health and Well-being project focus on patient’s physical and psychological difficulties to address them directly. Participants are shown how to self-manage their lives, using psychological and physical techniques. 

Our 6-week personalised therapy program support people to become more physically active, manage their moods and behavioural responses, and to set goals and to restructure their lives. 

Breathe Free Project 

Breathe Free Project, designed to enhance the wellbeing for survivors of domestic violence. It includes support program, healing practices and counselling groups used to improve physical, mental, emotional health of survivors along with self-esteem and confidence.  

Under the project, we also support children who has witnessed violence or abuse at home through our extended support for children. 

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Ace in My Hand 

Ace in my hand is specially designed 4-week program which helps kids ability to adjust and control their energy level, emotions, behaviours and attention. to self-regulate, skills such as concentrating, sharing and taking turns also develop. Project enables a child to move from depending on others to beginning to manage by themselves.

Most children struggle to manage their feelings and behaviours, particularly when they are tired, hungry or facing new experiences. We work with children to help them explore ways to express and manage. 

Long COVID Support Project

Long COVID support project is community based project aims to support people having physical and mental health issues after recovering from COVID-19 infection.  We provide Long Covid specific physical therapy, psychotherapy, life style advice, diet and supplement support, deep relaxation techniques and mindfulness which all together help them to overcome severe fatigue, body ache, functional disability and mental health issues.

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Ayushmaan Project


Ayushmaan project officially started in September 2020, for Community, Advice, Support and Education on safe use of herbs, supplements and medicinal products for COVID-19.


This project has been supported by the Ministry of AYUSH, India for promoting safe practice of Ayurveda in the communities. Local MPs and local Councillors, Charitable Trusts and representatives of various organisations joined hands together to help communities to during COVID-19 pandemic. 





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