We engage in cutting-edge multidisciplinary research to make a marked difference to health and well-being in the UK and across the world. Together with partners worldwide, Aarogyam teams are providing critical evidence and analysis that are shaping the support interventions and support academics and industry partners. 

Dr Sharma



Our research is centred around three themes which demonstrate our focus Health, Social care and Education. Within each theme, we have centres and research groups focusing on particular aspects of community care. The diverse community of researchers from all career stages – including early career researchers and senior academics as well as visiting scholars – contributes to the inclusive, collaborative and innovative research culture of the Aarogyam (UK) CIC.


Our research is world-leading in its interdisciplinary areas and impactful in reaching out to relevant stakeholders such as policy makers and practitioners.

Some indicators of our proactive research culture are recent successes in securing funding for research and development around emerging challenges such as the Covid-19 pandemic.


Our research aims include not only contributions to new knowledge and impact on Health and well-being practice, but also the use of research for reform and progress.

Dr Neha Sharma, Director of Research & Evaluation 

Our Current Research Projects 

Our collaborative approach is fostered by our mixture of formal and informal settings - including Communities, University Research Centres, industries and Governments - bringing together experts from different disciplines to address regional, national and global challenges.

The Difference we make

We engage in cutting-edge multidisciplinary research to make a marked difference in the UK and across the world. Discover the aims and outcomes of some of our previously completed research here.

Our Completed Research Projects