Completed Research Projects


Aarogyam (UK) has been support research partner for deployment of the COVID-19 screening and management app in the UK and overseas 

Flu Like Symptoms 

Single arm study was taken on flu like symptoms in people who self-isolated at home for 7-days in March 2020 during the COVID-19 outbreak in the UK.

Post Exposure Prophylaxis 

For persons who are exposed to SARS-CoV-2, the standard of care is observation and quarantine. We worked on preventative measure used in community settings. 

Trial of Guduchi Ghanvati 

The emergence of asymptomatic patients poses a significant challenge. Therefore, feasibility study of the safety and efficacy of Guduchi Ghan Vati was conducted for COVID-19. 

Machine Learning for COVID-19 

UK India Joint partnership developed Ayurveda protocol for feasibility assessment using machine learning and Mobile app in treatment and management of COVID-19. 

Health Hawk Study 

To assess the impact of COVID and treatments/ strategies being used, Health Hawk, working together to understand complementary and alternative medicine used by people. 

Protecting front-line workers 

Aarogyam (UK)  joined the AYUSH initiatives to study efficacy of health campaign taken by government, India and its impact on health care providers during COVID-19 Outbreak 

Tele-Yoga Therapy for Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is highly prevalent and more concerning during Covid-19 outbreak. Yoga has potential benefit so Tele-Yoga therapy program was developed as feasibility study. 

Cohort  on asymptomatic COVID-19

Efficacy and safety of one of the recommended Ayurveda drug (Guduchi Ghan Vati) compared with standard care for patients with asymptomatic Covid-19 patients.

Pilot Study of Shamshamnivati plus

CBPR partnership including community-based organisations, health and academia actively developed the present study to test feasibility of Shamshamnivati plus on COVID-19