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Yoga-Based Therapy Program Shows Remarkable Success with Lifestyle Disorders

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Innovative Research Initiative Led by Professor Shyama Kandoi Yields Promising Results

A groundbreaking yoga-based therapy program, designed to enhance the well-being of individuals living with lifestyle disorders, has successfully demonstrated its efficacy, according to the results of a mixed-methods pilot study. The program, spearheaded by renowned yoga expert Professor Shyama Kandoi, has shown significant and positive impacts on participants in community settings.

The research initiative, a collaborative effort between the UK-India Joint Research Initiative of Aarogyam, marks a pivotal step towards integrating traditional practices with modern healthcare approaches. Lifestyle disorders, including conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and obesity, have become increasingly prevalent in today's fast-paced world. The yoga-based therapy program aims to provide an accessible and holistic approach to managing these disorders.

Program Description:

The yoga-based therapy program, developed under the leadership of Professor Shyama Kandoi, incorporates a carefully crafted blend of traditional yoga practices and evidence-based therapeutic techniques. The program emphasizes personalized wellness plans, combining physical postures (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama), meditation, and mindfulness practices tailored to address the specific needs of individuals with lifestyle disorders.

Participants in the program engage in a structured curriculum that not only addresses the physical aspects of their conditions but also focuses on mental and emotional well-being. The holistic nature of the program aims to empower individuals to take an active role in their health and lifestyle choices.

Results from the Mixed-Methods Pilot Study:

The preliminary findings from the mixed-methods pilot study are highly encouraging. Participants in the yoga-based therapy program reported improvements in various health parameters, including reduced stress levels, better blood pressure control, enhanced flexibility, and improved overall quality of life. Additionally, qualitative data from participant interviews highlighted the positive impact of the program on mental health, with many expressing a sense of increased resilience and improved emotional well-being.

Professor Shyama Kandoi, the driving force behind the program, expressed enthusiasm about the results, stating, "This research underscores the potential of integrating yoga into conventional healthcare strategies for lifestyle disorders. The holistic approach of our program goes beyond symptom management, fostering a sense of balance and empowerment among participants."

UK-India Joint Research Initiative and Aarogyam's Continued Commitment:

Professor Shyama Kandoi has been a key contributor to the UK-India Joint Research Initiative of Aarogyam, demonstrating a commitment to advancing healthcare solutions through international collaboration.

Her involvement extends to initiatives such as the Aarogyam Gujarati Dementia groups, showcasing a diverse range of applications for yoga-based therapies in addressing various health challenges.

Building on this success, Professor Shyama Kandoi is set to lead the Medical Yoga Circle on Aarogyam UK, further expanding the reach and impact of yoga-based interventions on a global scale. This initiative aims to create a supportive community for individuals seeking alternative and complementary approaches to managing their health.

"Professor Kandoi's leadership in the UK-India Joint Research Initiative has been exemplary, reflecting a commitment to collaborative research that transcends geographical boundaries. The success of the yoga-based therapy program is a testament to her visionary approach and tireless dedication to improving the well-being of individuals facing lifestyle disorders." added Dr Neha Sharma, Founder and Director Aarogyam UK CIC.

Aarogyam is at the forefront of innovative healthcare solutions, blending traditional wisdom with modern research to create comprehensive programs for holistic well-being. The organization's commitment to community health and collaboration with experts like Professor Shyama Kandoi exemplifies its mission to improve lives through accessible and effective healthcare practices.

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