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Vanshika Agrawal Selected to Represent India on Global Research and Health Dispora

Vanshika Agrawal, a distinguished psychology student and research associate, has been chosen to represent India at the Global Research and Health Diaspora, where she will present the groundbreaking MindLINC Program. Developed in Jaipur by Gyansajeevani India in collaboration with Manipal University Jaipur, the initiative is a testament to the success of the UK-India Joint Research Initiative, Aarogyam UK CIC.

MindLINC, a revolutionary community based program designed to advance mental health and support for people living with long term diseases, particularly lifestyle disorders, is set to make a global impact as it is presented on the international stage. The initiative is a joint venture between Gyansajeevani India, a leading CoP of Aarogyam UK, and Manipal University Jaipur, a pioneering institution in academic and research excellence.

The program focuses on leveraging psychological interventions to enhance the accessibility and effectiveness of lifestyle disorder management within primary care. It integrates cutting-edge research findings with practical applications, making it a valuable resource for both clinicians and researchers. The MindLINC program encompasses a range of features, including advanced data analytics, remote monitoring capabilities, and personalized treatment plans. It aims to streamline the mental health care, making it more efficient and tailored to individual needs. With a commitment to inclusivity, MindLINC is designed to address diverse mental health challenges faced by communities globally.

Vanshika Agrawal, a prodigious researcher and advocate for mental health, has consistently demonstrated her commitment to advancing healthcare solutions.

With a background in psychology and a track record of successful projects, Ms Agrawal has been a driving force behind the development of MindLINC.

Her expertise in the field and dedication to bridging the gap between research and practical healthcare solutions have earned her recognition both nationally and internationally.

Ms. Agrawal's recognition extends beyond borders, with an exclusive invitation to share her insights at the BMJ Forum 2024, a platform known for showcasing cutting-edge research in healthcare. In addition to the BMJ Forum, Agrawal has been selected as a distinguished speaker at Oxford's Women's Leadership Symposium. Organized by Academic Excellence of the UK and International, accredited by YN Women, this symposium brings together leaders and innovators from diverse fields to discuss and promote women's leadership in academia and beyond.

As Vanshika Agrawal continues to make waves in the global healthcare community, her achievements not only reflect her dedication to advancing mental health solutions but also highlight India's growing influence in shaping international conversations on healthcare innovation and women's leadership.

UK-India Joint Research Initiative, Aarogyam UK

The UK-India Joint Research Initiative is a collaborative effort between the United Kingdom and India to foster research partnerships and drive innovation. Through joint projects and initiatives, the program aims to address global challenges and promote knowledge exchange between the two nations.

Vanshika Agrawal's representation at the Global Research and Health Diaspora is a testament to the success of the MindLINC program and the collaborative efforts of Gyansajeevani India and Manipal University Jaipur. This event marks a significant milestone in the global recognition of Indian contributions to mental health research and reinforces the importance of international collaboration in addressing pressing healthcare issues.

Dr. Neha Sharma, Study director and founder Aarogyam UK, extends warm congratulations to whole team of UK-India Joint Research Initiative, Aarogyam UK, Dr Sadhana Sharma, Director, Gyansanjeevani India and Dr Suyesha Singh, Principal Investigator and lead academic Manipal University Jaipur, India.

"I am immensely proud to witness the success of collaborative efforts between the UK and India. Vanshika's achievements exemplify the spirit of innovation and cooperation that defines our initiative. On behalf of Aarogyam UK, I extend heartfelt congratulations to Vanshika Agrawal. May her journey continue to inspire and pave the way for future advancements in healthcare research."

For more details on study or program, please contact directly to Gyansanjeevani India.

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