Tele-Yoga Therapy for Chronic Pain: Research paper published

Tele-Yoga Therapy have been effective self management for patients with chronic pain during COVID-19 Lockdown, study shows.

Chronic pain is highly prevalent and associated with a large symptom burden, that is had been more concerning during COVID-19 outbreak and lockdown. Benefits of yoga in chronic pain management are very well known. With this background we developed Tele-Yoga therapy program and evaluated the success of this single arm study.

Community program was initiated at the early April 2020. first single arm trial was supported by east Park Medical Centre, Leicester, NHS trust and Liverpool Hospital trust, NHS partnering with Local community organisations.

Twice a week sessions were carried out by trained and experienced Yoga therapist via video conference with each therapy for individualized based on each participant.Yoga practices combining with joint loosening exercises (Sukshma Vyayama), postures (Asana), breathing exercises (Pranayama), relaxation techniques and chanting ( A, U, M, and AUM { ૐ}) syllable chants meditation. Each session ended with home practice exercises given to the participants to practice everyday.

Pilot results suggest that tele-yoga therapy may be an effective tool to self-manage chronic pain and related functional and psychological impacts. Further larger studies, randomized, controlled trials are needed to confirm the preliminary outcome.

Results has been published on BMJ preprint server and can be accessed through the link here.