Research presentation in the New Zealand Pain Society Annual Scientific Meeting 2020

Our research study "Effectiveness of Yoga@work Among Office Workers with Chronic Nonspecific Neck Pain (CNNP): A Randomised Controlled Trial" has been presented in New Zealand Pain Society Annual Scientific meeting at Copthorne Hotel, Tau Henare Drive, Waitangi, New Zealand

Chronic nonspecific neck pain (CNNP) is a public health issues with a 50% life prevalence. CNNP is a leading cause of disability which contributes to higher costs due to loss of productivity, disability, and increased absenteeism from work. Yoga has been found effective managing neck pain but there has been no study at work setting for chronic non-specific neck pain.

To determine the effectiveness of Yoga@work program for chronic non specific neck pain among office workers, present randomised controlled trial was undertaken. Study was executed in India, in partnership with Yog-Kulkam UK. Trial involved 84 participants with chronic non-specific neck pain and were randomised to yoga@work intervention and control conditions.

Results have been selected to present in the annual meting of New Zealand Pain Society 2020 to be held in New Zealand. Dr Neha Sharma, is study director and Dr Jaydeep Joshi served as study chair. Dr Shekhar Sharma executed the study as Principal Investigators with team of pain specialists and yoga therapists in India.