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MindLINC: A Groundbreaking Community based Intervention

A pioneering effort to revolutionize community well-being and mental health is underway with the launch of the MindLINC program, led by Gyansajeevani India and Aarogyam UK under UK-India Joint Research Initiative.

Community-based participatory research (CBPR) has gained prominence as a collaborative approach that involves community members, researchers, and stakeholders in addressing health and social issues. Present CBPR Project developed MindLINC (Mind - Lifestyle, Integration, Nurturing, Counseling) community based intervention, aimed at transforming community health through a collaborative, community-driven approach. The 6-weeks program seeks to bridge the gap between research and practice, addressing the unique mental health needs of diverse populations with metabolic syndrome.

We are thrilled to announce the successful outcome of the groundbreaking MindLINC program, an innovative project that aims to revolutionize community-driven interventions for enhanced well-being. Led by esteemed lead investigator, Dr. Suyesha Singh, this initiative marks a significant stride towards fostering stronger, healthier communities through collaborative efforts and evidence-based strategies. The MindLINC program was conceived as a response to the growing need for effective, tailored interventions that empower communities to thrive.

Dr. Suyesha Singh, renowned for her expertise in psychology and engagement, has assembled a dedicated team of professionals, researchers, and community leaders to drive this transformative endeavor forward.

Dr. Singh, with her extensive background in community-driven initiatives, brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to creating meaningful impact resonates with the core vision of MindLINC – to empower communities to actively participate in their well-being journey.

At its heart, the MindLINC program is characterized by its community-centered approach. By involving local residents in every step of the intervention process, from assessment and planning to implementation and evaluation, MindLINC ensures that interventions are not only effective but also reflective of the unique needs and aspirations of the community.

The pilot phase of the MindLINC program has already yielded remarkable insights. Through meticulous data collection and evaluation, the partnership has been able to identify strategies that work seamlessly and those that require adjustments. These findings will be instrumental in shaping the upcoming comprehensive intervention phase, ensuring that the initiative's impact is maximized.

The MindLINC initiative is not just about interventions; it's about transformation. It's about fostering a sense of unity and collaboration that extends beyond the project's duration, leaving a lasting legacy of community strength and resilience. "We envision a future where communities are the drivers of their own well-being," says Dr. Suyesha Singh. "The MindLINC initiative is our commitment to making that vision a reality. By working hand-in-hand with communities, we can create interventions that are not only effective but also sustainable."

As the MindLINC initiative gains momentum, it is set to inspire a new era of community-driven interventions that prioritize holistic well-being. Dr. Suyesha Singh and her team are excited to embark on this journey of empowerment and positive change.

Research Team:

Dr. Suyesha Singh (Manipal University), renowned for her expertise in psychological well-being, along with Dr. Neha Sharma (Aarogyam UK), leading authority on intervention design, Dr. Manisha Patel(Aarogyam UK), leading authority on community psychiatry, Dr Sadhana Sharma (Gyansanjeevani India), leading community engagement and partnership and Vanshika Agrawal (Manipal University) lead program facilitator, have joined forces to spearhead the MindLINC program.

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