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"Mindful Moments" Returns with Jinali's "One Step at a Time" Program, Focusing on Aarogyam and Psychological Well-being

We are excited to announce the much-anticipated return of "One Step at a Time" with Jinali, a transformative mental health initiative.

Aarogyam UK CIC is delighted to announce the return of "One Step at a Time," featuring Jinali's transformative program, "One Step at a Time." Following the resounding success of the earlier initiative, recognized on the British Medical Journal Forum in 2023, we are excited to deepen our exploration into psycho-neuro-immunology and psycho-somatic conditions.

Success Acknowledged: The previous "One Step at a Time" program, led by Jinali Mahyavanshi, achieved significant recognition in our community. The outcomes and insights from the initiative were not only accepted but also shared on the esteemed British Medical Journal Forum in 2023. This acknowledgment reinforced the positive impact and effectiveness of the program.

New Focus on Aarogyam and Psychological Well-being: Building on the success and learnings from the past, the upcoming sessions will hone in on psycho-neuro-immunology and psycho-somatic conditions. Jinali, with her expertise and compassionate guidance, will create a safe space for participants to navigate and overcome psychological distress.

"As the lead program director and study investigator, I am excited about the evolution of 'One Step at a Time.' The previous success has been a testament to the positive impact on the community's mental health. This time, with a focus on psycho-neuro-immunology and psycho-somatic conditions, we aim to further enrich the understanding of the mind-body connection and empower individuals to overcome psychological challenges." Dr Neha Sharma shared.

2024 One Step at a Time Program Highlights:

  • Exploring Psycho-Neuro-Immunology: Understanding the intricate connections between the mind, nervous system, and immune response for holistic well-being.

  • Addressing Psycho-Somatic Conditions: A focus on the mind-body connection and strategies to manage conditions influenced by psychological factors.

  • Safe Space for Overcoming Psychological Distress: Jinali will lead participants through practical steps to navigate and overcome psychological challenges in a supportive community environment.

Jinali, Program Facilitator: "We are entering a new phase of 'One Step at a Time,' and I am thrilled to guide participants through the exploration of whole health through mind.  Our mission is rooted in the belief that aarogyam - a state of complete well-being - encompasses not only physical health but also mental and emotional harmony.

We understand the significance of a holistic approach to well-being and strive to provide inclusive and accessible programs that cater to the diverse needs of our community.

I believe that each small step contributes to Aarogyam - a state of complete well-being."

One Step at a Time Program Details:

We invite the community to join us on this transformative journey towards aarogyam and enhanced psychological well-being. Let's take "One Step at a Time" towards a healthier, happier life.

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