Mental Health & well-being program for older adults

Aarogyam (UK) CIC Director, Dr Neha Sharma will be delivering 5-weeks mental health & well-being program for community dwelling older adults organised by Leicester Ageing Together.

The mental health crisis enveloping our society, and particularly our older adults, is increasing significantly. Many community based programs are finding that the disruption to the traditional practices moving to a modern platform is increasing the anxiety and stress levels in our older populations.

In part-response to these challenges, Leicester Ageing Together, which started mental health and well-being 6-weeks program for community dwelling older adults in Belgrave Neighbourhood Center, Leicester.

Dr Neha Sharma, CEO of Aarogyam (UK) shares, “As a support community partner, we believe that developing an overarching, sustainable culture of wellbeing and resilience is crucial for supporting our community members to be the best they can be by implementing the community programme.”

Recognising the current situation, Leicester Ageing Together is taking the initiative through implementing innovative solutions to support older adults in group sessions where they not only become support network to each other but also share and develop social well-being, which is very important part of mental health.

Partnering with Leicester Ageing Together, the Leicester based charity that supports older adults and elderly, a wide transformative approach is being rolled-out based on the core belief “together, we make it”, with a unique focus on mental wellness, resilience and prevention through support community intervention.

The CEO of Aarogyam (UK), confirms that “partnering with Leicester Ageing Together will make a lasting difference BAME community by implementing a holistic, sustainable wellbeing strategy for the entire neighbourhood.”