Launch of New Online Research Journal: Announcement

Aarogyam (UK) CIC is pleased to announce the launch of a new, open access journal, Global Journal of Integrated Care is an exciting online journal covering research activity in the broad area of Integrated care in Health, Social Care, Education, Science and Technology.

The journal will represent a positive move toward providing authors with a more convenient and efficient process to communicate research results to the global scientific expertise. With the goal to promote ideas of the wide research community, GJIC will put your work at the heart of the conversations taking place in the scientific community today.

A streamlined peer-review process, overseen by a leading panel of experts, will ensure a fair and rapid publication experience. This process is then supplemented by a system of post-publication evaluation open to the entire scientific community, which allows an individual article to rise to prominence based on its own merits.

The large Editorial Board of GJIC is interdisciplinary and multinational, reflecting the composition of the research community the journal will serve. The fully open access format of the journal, partly supported by the payment of an article processing charge by authors of accepted manuscripts, means that all articles will be made freely available worldwide immediately upon publication. We are delighted to announce the Chief Editors

Dr. Neha Sharma


Research Director Aarogyam (UK) CIC; Expert international experts and advisor global campaign of WHO, UN Women, UNICEF

Interests: research evaluation studies; Impact (societal, scientific, and cultural); meta-research; innovation studies; Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Dr. Durga Prasad Sharma

Associate Editor

Expat International Consultant(IT), International Labour Organisation, International Research Advisory Member, VUB, Belgium, UPS, Paris- France, UOP, USA, and India

Interests: scientific convergences; medical Informatics,; green research integrity and credibility

Dr Nagamani Krishnamurthy

Associate Editor

Visiting Advisor, UK-India partnership network on Health, Social and Education Research

Interests: Outreach, Community participatory research, Developmental Research Pragmatic trials

We will be welcoming your submissions via the journal's submission and peer review. We hope to continue to serve and support scientific community and lead researchers for making a required and significant change.

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