Integrative Ayurveda effective in long-COVID Management: Study outcome

Updated: Mar 4

"One of the first comprehensive research study results into the long coronavirus (COVID-19) management with Ayurveda has been shared", UK India Partnership network Dr Nagamani Krishnamurthy announced today.

Around 400 Long COVID patients took part in the ground-breaking study, which has been supported by Aarogyam (UK), and executed by Padmanabhama Ayurveda Hospital and Research Centre. Led by the UK India bilateral collaboration on Ayurveda research, a partnership between the Aarogyam (UK) and the Padmanabham Ayurveda Hospital and Research Centre, Jaipur, India, evaluated the Post COVID patients experiencing symptoms who were treated further with individualised Ayurveda combinations. Significant improvement in Fatigue, respiratory and gastrointestinal symptoms were observed in first 4-weeks. Further analysis confirms changes in overall physical and mental well-being, vitality and general health domains of quality of life.

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As we continue our fight against this global pandemic, we are learning more and more about the impact the disease can have not only on immediate health, but longer-term physical and mental health too. This world-leading study is another fantastic contribution from the Indian traditional medicine. It will also help to ensure future treatment can be tailored as much as possible to the person.

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