Groundbreaking new analysis shows tele-yoga therapy benefits self management of chronic pain

Updated: Feb 11

Chronic pain is a serious public health issue affecting an estimated half of UK population. To combat chronic pain during the COVID-19 epidemic, multidisciplinary self management program was implemented by Aarogyam (UK) with the support provided by HM Government in partnership with National Lottery Funds.

A small-scale retrospective analysis was conducted on the program impact. A total of 49 participants aged 34 to 64 years who reported having chronic pain for at least 3-months were who completed the 6-weeks therapy program were analysed.

Chronic pain often goes hand-in-hand with anxiety and depression, we believe yoga therapy can be a feasible solution for people with chronic pain.

Study findings

Aarogyam's Health and Well-being Project was supported by Coronavirus Relief grant provided by HM Government in partnership with National Lottery Funds. Project supported 228 participants over 3 months where 49 received participants received personalised 6- weeks of tele-yoga therapy sessions 30-45 minutes twice a week. Afterwards, techniques were self-practiced by the participants.

Evaluation were done as pre- and post measurements of pain, anxiety, depression and functional capacity, and participants were asked about their satisfaction with the program and confidence with self management. Analysis confirms significant reduction in pain, psychological factors and functional disability at the end of 6-week. 88% Participants were satisfied with tele-platforms; mostly all were confident to manage their pain on their own at the end of the program.

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