Collaborative study with University of Warwick announced

AiM COVID mobile app for COVID- 19 Tracking and Prediction was taken for community outreach by Aarogyam (UK) CIC team.

University of Warwick (Coventry, UK) and NTUU "Igor Sikorsky" Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (Kyiv, Ukraine), together with ClickMedix LLC, have developed an app and a chatbot "AiM COVID" for efficient monitoring and mitigation of COVID-19.

These products are available for free download on computers and mobile phones. These can be used by a wide range of users from various sectors - patients and people living with them, doctors, nurses, specialists, community health workers, hospitals, clinics, hospital IT staff, MHFA, and insurance companies.

Study was led by Dr Vishwesh Kulkarni, School of Engineering, University of Warwick and executed in the communities in the UK by Aarogyam (UK) Director Dr Neha Sharma. more than 80 participants joined the study and shared their daily vitals for 14-days on the app. Informed consent was taken through app only and data management and safety measures were supervised by ethics committee of University of Warwick.

As an executing and community outreach partner, Aarogyam registered the study on Global Trial Registry with all lead partners. Details can be found at

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