Breathe Free: Support Group for Domestic Violence survivors

In the UK, the number of domestic violence incidences has doubled during lock-down and front line services report record-breaking cries for help. Calls to domestic violence helplines have increased by 120% while traffic to their websites is tripling. Children, too, are more vulnerable than they have ever been. This calls for an united effort to extend support network than ever before. Our 24/7 helpline to hear out anyone and everyone looking for someone to help during these difficult times.

With increased call for DV issues, we started breathe free program, private and confidential support group which will support women and men dealing with domestic abuse, sign posting to local services, providing counselling and therapies along with helping them to find the safe options for themselves and children involved.

We recently partnered with local DV support group and charities, and. legal consultants who can respond to call immediately. Our specialised DV counsellors and psychotherapist provide tele-support with one's convenient time.

So far since the start of 24/7 helpline, we have worked with 38 survivors of domestic abuse, none reported physical harm or danger to harm. Most of the victims reported to be suffering from emotional and mental abuse. We continue to support participants and new calls with ongoing mental health support group.

if you need more details or would like to partner/ volunteer with us for Breathe-Free Program, please write to us at