Ayurveda efficacy on flu like symptoms: Results shared

First study confirms efficacy of Ayurveda in flu like symptoms during COVID- 19 outbreak. Initial evidences confirms faster recovery and better symptoms relief with individualised Ayurveda treatment.

Aarogyam (UK) is proud to share results of first clinical efficacy and safety report of Ayurveda on patients having flu like symptoms during COVID-19 outbreak. Study focused on patients who were self isolating at home with the similar symptoms of COVID-19 and had no other clinical management available for 7-days.

Initially started as community support program, patients were invited to participate in the study. Study was approved by Independent Ethics Board of Aarogyam (UK) and overviewed by independent data monitoring board for outcome, safety and efficacy outcomes.

Eighteen patients who completes seven days with individualised Ayurveda therapy reported to have full clinical recovery in 3 days. Results has discussed the possible factors and associated factors.

Research paper has been submitted to Global Journal of Health Sciences. study details can be found at Clinicaltrials.gov