Program open; Ace in My Hand, Teaching Kids self regulation

Updated: Mar 4

Meltdowns happen. But lockdown can be more difficult for children to express emotions and control impulsive reactions. Teach them how to keep cool with a plan for action and coping strategies.

Welcome to Ace in My Hand program. The program is specially designed to cater to meet the emotional, social, physical and cognitive needs of children aged 6-10 years. It aims to equip the children with strategies and techniques for building Positive attitude, Concentration and focus on task at hand, Identify their own emotions, Use simple techniques to handle these emotions, Good physical health and immunity, Emotional balance, Creative thinking skills, Dedication to bring out their best in every situation.

These will be achieved through games, fun activities and stories along with the practice of simple hasta mudras/hand gestures. We aim to make children better equipped with strategies to deal with any crisis.

Program Impact

Program has been a successful helping children to recognise emotions, managing on their own and dealing efficiently. Outcome of previous program will soon be shared with British Psychology Society's upcoming event on Educational and Child Psychology conference.