ACE in my hand boosts emotional and cognitive development in children: Report published

ACE in my hand program helps boost children's emotional and cognitive development, problem solving, self regulation and creative thinking, a study reaffirms.

The research reports, for the Ace in my hand, a multiple strategy intervention found improved children's physical and mental health, as well as their emotional well-being.

With supported intervention, young children can be stimulated to think about their emotions, how to handle them, how to communicate effectively and also to rationalise with the way they need to behave.

The report - the ACE in my hand - reviews a wide range of research into the importance of guided intervention in supporting children develop essential skills and knowledge as they grow up.

The multiple strategy intervention has shown positive impact on the cognitive

development of children in early childhood settings. Children were observed for their

cognitive function through varied activities like sorting, memory, communication, logical