Aarogyam (UK) Launched Safety training for yoga teacher

Dr Neha Sharma and Dr Shiva will be proving opportunities for yoga instructors to practice with safe and effective yoga poses in the community settings.

Yoga teachers in the UK widely run community based classes for men, women, young and old in different style of yoga. Yoga provides physical and mental benefits such as weight loss, back, neck and shoulder pain relief, healing and the prevention of sports injuries, easing depression, anxiety and stress and increasing fitness and stamina. But there is limited awareness that generalised yoga is not recommended in certain health condition and long term conditions. There is enough evidences to suggest yoga injury, adverse events and side effects of wrong doing of yoga.

Yoga therapy is different modification of yoga in general which is specially tailored for individual needs. But there is little awareness about specific style of yoga for medical conditions. The course has been constructed with the help of specialist physiotherapist and yoga therapists, the course comes with a detailed and comprehensive manual, with plenty of practical guidance on safety measures.

3 hour course provide dos and don't for planning a yoga class in community settings and how to manage with clinical conditions in the group settings. 30 yoga teachers are expected to complete day session on March 21, 2020 at Hindu Sahitya Kendra, Leicester.