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Aarogyam UK Expands Commitment to Community social health with Women to Women (W2W) Network

Aarogyam UK, a leading advocate for holistic well-being, is excited to announce its expansion and renewed commitment to extending support networks within the community. In this endeavor, Aarogyam UK is proud to align with the incredible work of the Women to Women Network, recognizing them as pillars of our community.

Women to Women Network has long been at the forefront of providing essential social support, fostering networking opportunities, initiating well-being programs, and offering day-to-day assistance that creates positive change in the lives of many. Aarogyam UK is delighted to contribute to and support the impactful initiatives led by the Women to Women Network.

"Our expansion is not just about physical reach; it's about extending our support networks and creating meaningful partnerships that amplify the positive impact on the lives of those we serve," said Dr Neha Sharma at Aarogyam UK. "We are honored to support the incredible work of Women to Women Network, and together, we look forward to making a lasting difference in our community. By fostering partnerships with organizations like Women to Women Network, we aim to create a network of support that addresses the diverse needs of our community members."

"We want to emphasize that Aarogyam UK and Women to Women Network are independent initiatives with their own distinct purposes and visions," stated Dr Manisha Patel, Director, Aarogyam UK. "While we share areas of interest and complement each other's efforts, it's crucial to understand that our initiatives are not duplicative but rather collaborative in nature."

The collaboration between Aarogyam UK and Women to Women Network is founded on the principle of leveraging each other's strengths to create a more comprehensive and impactful approach to community service.

Key Features of the W2W Networking Initiative:

  1. Empowering Connections: W2W platform facilitates meaningful connections among women, providing a space for sharing experiences, insights, and advice.

  2. Resource Sharing: From tips on work-life balance to information on health and wellness, the network serves as a valuable resource hub for women seeking support in their day-to-day activities.

  3. Professional Networking: Enhance professional network by connecting with like-minded women, sharing opportunities, and participating in initiatives and programs.

  4. Events and Workshops: Stay informed and engaged through a series of events and workshops focused on various aspects of social well-being, including mental health, personal development, and community engagement.

Focus Groups of W2W

Chai & Chit chats, Arts & Crafts, Gardening tips, Healthy & Happy, Feel Good be good, Daily Exercises, Walkathon (online group sharing steps), Weekly long walks (making use of 60 plus travelcard), MINDBODY, Spare rooms, Holiday club, Bhajan’s, Cooking/Recipe tips, Events, Sewa Group (Charity fundraising and work), Singing Group (Karaoke), Movie Club, Buy & Sell/Giveaway, Olio group (to deal with excess, wastage and reducing our carbon footprint), Book Club/Love of words, East London, South London, Watford and surrounding areas, are few to name.

How to Join:

For a nominal cost of £10 for the entire year 2024, W2W offers diverse networking and group activities both online and onsite.

Membership is open to all women who are passionate about fostering positive social well-being and creating lasting connections. To join, register here.

For more information and to join, please Contact W2W directly on

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