Aarogyam's UK India Ayurveda Research Initiative announced results

Ayurveda as prophylaxis had been used in India and UK to prevent COVID-19.

In the UK and and India, efficacy of Ayurveda were studied by Aarogyam research and India Research groups, recent results were made public in India.

Director, UK India Join initiative on Ayurveda for Covid-19, Dr. Jaydeep Joshi said: “These preventative measures helping to save lives by ensuring that health care services, are used only for the most needy and severely ill. We and others are finding that a significant proportion of people including health care workers in India using Ayurveda could have been prevented from infected.”

Research Director, Dr. Neha Sharma in her recent interview in India said: It’s been a privilege to work closely with our clinical colleagues and with doctors leading the Covid-19 response in Rajasthan, India. This close contact has helped us to define the need and respond with Ayurveda that we hope will support the populations worldwide in the weeks and months to come.”

Parashar Sharma, India lead from Samtha Groups said: “Given the urgent need, we are thankful that we were able to reduce a process that could take years down to a matter of days. We were privileged to be able to call on the capability of Ayurveda – a collaboration made possible by the close links between Aarogyam (UK) and Samtha Ayurveda Unit (India).”

Dr. Jaydeep Joshi announced on behalf of UK India Joint teams: “This is a real team effort and I am proud of colleagues at Aarogyam (UK) and our partners at Rajasthan (India) for their immense work to produce impact analysis in such a short time. We hope this effort can be rolled out to hospitals across the UK and India to benefit all patients.

More details can be found about the study at https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT04387643

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