Aarogyam launched Tele-Yoga Therapy for Chronic Pain

As the situation related to Coronavirus (COVID-19) develops, we are closely monitoring guidance from the authorities as well as public health England.

As you know, stay-at-home order until June 2020, in light of ongoing developments related to Coronavirus (COVID-19). Our community sessions and walk in clinics will remain closed until further notice, and all sessions will take place via teletherapy.

Our mission is to provide access to exceptional chronic pain support services, and we remain deeply committed to ensuring access to care during this uncertain time. For us, this means working hard to support our community however possible during this adjustment period.

Research shows that therapy is much more successful if you are able to engage in weekly or biweekly sessions. We encourage you to continue in care via teletherapy in the coming weeks. If you are interested in starting care with us over video with the option of later transitioning to in-person care, you can contact us directly.

Preparing for Teletherapy

Below you’ll find guidance to set you up for success in your upcoming teletherapy sessions.

  • You will receive a calendar invite for each session. The invite will contain instructions on how to join a secure session, and what to do if technical disruptions occur

  • Video or phone sessions are both available - feel free to discuss with your therapist, and decide what makes sense for you

  • Our teletherapy services are conducted using secure, app or tele-medicine platform.

  • Before each session, be sure to have an emergency contact in mind, and let your therapist know where you’ll be located -- this is an important safety step! To start the session, your therapist will ask for your location, and gather your verbal consent to begin care via teletherapy

  • Finally, safeguarding and insurance plans cover teletherapy services.

We encourage you to try the below suggestions, to ensure a smooth and productive teletherapy session.

  • If at all possible, identify a quiet, enclosed space to protect your privacy. Please avoid doing teletherapy sessions while driving

  • For video sessions, be mindful of where you sit in relation to a window or source of light.

  • If you can, place your computer on a stable surface (not your lap) and avoid using your phone for video sessions

  • Turn off any notifications and minimize sounds that could be distracting during the session

In the coming weeks as the situation evolves, we will continue to update with further information.

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