Aarogyam invites to take part in V-HAWK survey

Covid-19 is a frightening illness even if you have only mild symptoms. To assess the impact of COVID and treatments/ strategies being used on health and health-related quality of life, Health Hawk, group of leading researchers, academics and practitioners in the UK working together.

The UK V-HAWK (Virus-Health And Wellbeing checKer) launched to find out

  • How many of us have COVID-19?

  • What types of treatments are we using?

  • How is COVID-19 affecting our health and quality of life?

Aarogyam (UK) would like to invite you for sharing your experiences with support therapies, complementary and alternative medicine (you can submit response anonymously) Your response and recovery will shape the future direction for academics and researchers. Please share your experiences directly on complete V-HAWK survey at https://angliaruskin.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/v_hawk.