Asha Nathwani 

Lead Public & Community Engagement

Asha Nethwani is most senior expert member at Aarogyam leading yoga teachers training and reflexology. She has studied with renowned teachers and is always learning and expanding her experience and knowledge of lifelong practice by continuing to learn from her influential teachers. 


She runs yoga and reflexology group in Belgrave community for over two decade. As the group has evolved so has her teachings and practice. She only teaches group classes incorporating intelligent and invigorating sequencing, good music and calming energy but specializes in reflexology. She consistently continues her yoga teaching and as part of the Aarogyam she brings her expertise on chronic pain project. She encourages individuals to adapt the yoga and reflexology group to one’s abilities and presents alternatives to poses.


Research is fundamental to our mission at Aarogyam (UK) which includes sharing the benefits of research with the wider public and creating opportunities for people to get involved. Asha Nethwani also leads public engagement in research which can involve interaction, participation and learning. She spans a wide variety of activities - from public lectures and showcase events, to members of the public taking party directly in real research projects. 

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Recent Presentation/ Publications

1. Sharma N, Modi D, Nathwani A, Pandya B, Joshi J. Tele- Yoga therapy for Patients with Chronic Pain during Covid-19 Lockdown: A Prospective Nonrandomized Single Arm Clinical Trial. medRxiv; 2020. DOI: 10.1101/2020.07.16.20154229.

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