Active mind-body movement therapies (AMBMTs)

Active mind-body movement therapies (AMBMTs) consist of mind-body therapies such as controlled breathing and/or focused meditation/attention interventions whereby participants must actively move their joints and muscles (e.g. tai chi, martial art, qigong). Although different forms of AMBMT may differ in origin, they usually share similar principles: movement/posture, controlled breathing, and focused attention/meditation. 

At Aarogyam, we integrate simple and easily available resources for all within the heart of community. 


Active Mind Body Play Therapy 

Play is considered to be especially important for the healthy development of children as well as help adolescents, adults, and even the elderly relearn the values of play. Playful exploration has been proven to enhance both cognitive and physical behaviors, and there is a significant amount of research from the fields of neurophysiology and molecular biology that supports play therapy as a valid therapeutic technique for those past childhood. 

Through our support community partner, we deliver group programs and activities for children, families and groups in Leicester and Leicestershire. Our Active Young Minds program help and support for problems like depression, anxiety, stress, bullying, eating disorders or self-esteem. We do so by active mind body games, playing in groups along with counselling, talk therapy and psychotherapy. 

Previous reviews reported positive results of game-based interventions for physical health and cognition in older adults. Based on the previous scientific evidences, our active ageing program in community encourages older adults and elderly to participate in group games led by expert. 

Children Playing



Completed Community Programs 


Online Revival Active Program 

Online-support program for adults and older adults 


Pre-teen Program  

online-onsite programs for children 

Mental health support group for children 

6-week program for children who witnessed violence and mental health issues at home 


Active play Therapy 

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