Art Therapy 

Art therapy is a therapeutic approach that promotes healing by tapping into and revealing an individual’s deepest thoughts and feelings through the arts. 

This therapy is accessible to people of all ages, including those who do not consider themselves good at art. Research indicates that it might be helpful for people with a wide variety of conditions, from eating disorders to trauma.

For those who find other forms of therapy difficult or ineffective, art therapy could be an excellent option to try as an adjunctive treatment.


Traditional Art Therapy 


We work extensively with traditional and indigenous forms of visual artistic practice in promoting physical health and psychosocial well-being, particularly as it relates to the discipline of art therapy. Art making has historically had a therapeutic role in human lives and  it can inform the modern interpretation and profession of art therapy. Based on that, we provide a specific interventions that reference traditional and indigenous art forms in art therapy in order to create awareness, evidence base and the therapeutic role of the arts. 

Overall the literature indicates that the therapeutic aspects of indigenous forms for visual arts practice are deeply interconnected with spiritual traditions, narrative storytelling, counseling and wisdom for the community, respect of all things living and non-living in nature, using natural and locally available materials as well as creating products that are sustainable. Undergirding all interactions with indigenous communities is the need for the recognition of trauma and misrepresentation that resulted from cultural imperialism and oppression, leading to a historical mistrust in the indigenous communities of outsider interventions.


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Traditional Art Therapy