Our Completed Projects

Projects we have worked on. Since foundation in 2020, The Aarogyam (UK) CIC has worked with experienced partners to support communities in the UK. COVID-19 pandemic affected badly, which is why throughout the years we have worked on a broad range of issues related to pandemic and lockdowns. 

LEAD Project 

Children Playing Outdoor

LEAD Project was a collaborative effort to work with children and parents for children aged between 2-16 years old. 

When children are young, we help them by working with parents and carers with the specific aim of building the young person’s mental resilience to meet the ordinary demands of everyday life. Started from February 2020 until first national UK lockdown (8-weeks), We had been running a set of session for parents of children and young people. These days focus on supporting the mental health needs of children and parents.

Walk-in Project 

The impact of chronic conditions on people’s lives and services in the UK is of growing concern. Long- term limiting illness in the UK accounting for a large proportion of unnecessary emergency admissions to hospital and GP appointments. Aarogyam walk-in Clinic was proposed as a multi- disciplinary team of expert integrative therapies (including Yoga therapy, Ayurveda, Physiotherapy, Holistic Counselling) helping patients manage their long-term conditions in community settings.

Started from Early 2019 to until March 23, 2020; we supported 98 patients through our different programs and initiatives. 

Nurse And Patient In Waiting Room

Vedic Chants Group

Hindu Literature

Vedic chanting expects good memory and attention. The whole of Vedic lore was passed on from generations in an oral tradition without the aid of writing until recent times. Memory capacities were utilized to maximum extent and the entire lot of mantras was kept by rote. As it is known by experience and observation that chanting improves memory and attention this study has been taken to examine the facts by research.


Community based open chanting group was set up for people to come and join together to learn basics of chants, Sanskrit pronunciation and work in group to practice together.  every Saturday for 12-weeks; 48 people joined and continued self practice at home. 

Community Based Physiotherapy 

6-weeks community based personalised physiotherapy project was completed in January to March 2020. It had been running as part of Walk in Project as well as independent initiative.


Support was open to people dealing with long term pain conditions so they can manage with supported self care practices. 32 patients are supported through open community based physiotherapy once a week for 12-weeks and reviewed by trained physiotherapist for their physical and mental health. 


Yoga@Work Project 

At Work

Over the last several decades, occupational stress at workplace comprise a major burden. Office based work are more prone to sedentary lifestyle, postural issues, workplace stress, repetitive strain injury, poor employee health. Workplace wellness programs has been very feasible access to employees at their own convenience and need.


Yoga@Work Program was developed to suit the need for information technology workers.We worked with 3 IT companies and business schools to better support people at workplace through simple and feasible relaxation, movements and mindfulness. Project was supported and evaluated by university partner and extended as Multi-national project with India, Belgium, USA and Australia. 


Program was conducted during Covid-19 lockdown from March 2020 to June 2020 to support children and families in isolation.

Online, active group program was conducted twice a week for 6-weeks for community-based adolescents. 32 adolescents aged between 11-17 years completed the program. 

Main aim of the program was to support adolescent's mental, emotional and social well-being during sudden lockdown, along with keeping them physical active at home. 

Online Tutorial

AiM COVID community support

People with Masks

University of Warwick (Coventry, UK) and NTUU "Igor Sikorsky" Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (Kyiv, Ukraine), together with ClickMedix LLC,  developed an app and a chatbot "AiM COVID" for efficient monitoring and mitigation of COVID-19. 

Aarogyam (UK) CIC effectively deployed the AiM Covid into the communities and supported them through self monitoring to access for help services. We worked as support bridge for communities and academics and supported more than 100 people through outreach. Similar outreach was deployed in Africa and India later with 1000 people as pilot. 

Back To Roots 

Program was first initiated in February 2020 to support communities during flu season with safe, effective and self managed diet and supplements. 

Project continued to support throughout during COVID outbreak to help people with flu like symptoms and people in quarantine.  This included preventing complications of flu as well as emerging forms capable of causing secondary infections. 9-moths project successfully supported 486 people throughout. 

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