Dr Krishnamurthy

Dr Nagamani Krishnamurthy

Lead Child development & parenting 

Nagamani Krishnamurthy is an early childhood expert and has been in the field of education for three decades. Her passion has always been nurturing positive personalities in children through a collaboration between parents and teachers or school and home. She has been actively involved in research with child development and early childhood education curriculum strategies in her research preschool Balavikasa since 2006.


She has innovated a unique system for nurturing positive personalities in early years which is novel blend of traditional values and 21st century skills framework. Her mission is to reach out to young children across the world and make a difference in their childhood experiences in such a way that they will create a positive future for the world. Dr Nagamani supports Aarogyam's Assessment and Evaluation. She expertise on learning outcomes assessment, grant and program evaluation, inclusive assessment practice. 

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Recent Presentation/ Publications

  1. Sharma N, Singh D, Sharma S, Krishnamurthy N (2020). Evaluation of parent support program on Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Symptoms in Young Children: A randomised controlled trial. 

  2. Sharma N, Verma V, Sharma S, Krishnamurthy N (2020).Parent support intervention for the treatment of childhood anxiety: a pilot study.  (Under Review) ​

  3. Sharma N, Chauhan V, Sharma S, Krishnamurthy N (2020). School Performance and Social- Emotional Behaviour of Primary School Children after Parent Support Program. To be shared in British Educational Research Association annual conference; September 2020. University of Liverpool, UK.

  4. Neha Sharma, Nagamani Krishnamurthy, Rakesh Patel, Tejal Patel, Sahil Singhal (2020). Impact of Revival Program on Adolescents with Depression: A Pilot Study. Trial Identifier NCT04618562

  5. Neha Sharma, Rakesh Patel, Tejal Patel, Nagamani Krishnamurthy (2020) A Clinical Study of Online Active Play Program with Adolescents. Study Identifier: NCT0461834 (Working paper) 

  6. Neha Sharma, Jaydeep Joshi, Vishesh Kulakarni, Nagamani Krishnamurthy (2020). Back to roots: A quasi-experimental trial testing the effectiveness of Ayurveda intervention as post exposure prophylaxis for COVID-19 (under compilation)

  7. Neha Sharma, vishwesh Kulkarni, Dipa Modi, Jaydeep Joshi, Nagamani Krishnamurthy (2020). Yoga and Ayurveda management for Long  COVID-19  symptoms in community settings. (Undergoing) 

  8. Vishwesh Kulkarni, Tanuja Nesari, Neha Sharma, Dipa Modi, Jaydeep Joshi, Nagamani Krishnamurthy, Rajagopalan (2020). A Pilot Study on Efficacy and Safety of Ayurveda Combination in Patients with Mild-to-Moderate COVID-19. Trial register clinicaltrials.gov on NCT04621903.

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