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Neela Jesrani

Finance & Lead Operational Accounting

Neela Jesrani supports our Head of Finance & Operations in maintaining our financial systems as well as providing ground support for Global Initiatives we work on. Neela enjoys seeing her team deliver exceptional work, and promoting wellbeing through financial capability.


She ensure the accurate preparation and maintenance of financial records for the organisation in accordance with policies and procedures and in accordance with legislative and statutory requirements.


Neela has been an active member of community support groups with her diversified expertise and skill. She works  with members of the Board, Advisory Group and Expert panel in designing, executing and managing our health and social care support services in UK and on  global initiative. 

Neela is key expert in Community Advisory Board leading on the implementation of a COVID-19 support programmes across UK. She has worked in the voluntary and community sector for over 20 years and under Aarogyam leading and implementing a range of community capacity building programmes through community safety and neighbourhood regeneration initiatives. 

Neela is also supporting and supervising the development, implementation and evaluation of financial and operations systems at multiple initiative under our Global reach where she supervise the global initiative for financial empowerment of women in Asia and Africa.

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Recent Presentation/ Publications

1. Sharma N, Jesrani N, Kosar R (2020). Economic empowerment for battered women: An evaluation of community project. (Ongoing) 

2. Jesrani N, Sharma A, Singhal S (2020). Change in financial decision making ability in women survivor of domestic violence: Impact of Breathe Free Project (Ongoing). 

3. Sharma N, Jesrani N, Sabiha (2020). Impact of Ayurveda based support for COVID-19 lockdown on mental health of older adults. (Ongoing). 

Breathe Free Project

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COVID-19 Support Project

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