Music Therapy 

The healing power of music has been acknowledged in almost all traditions of music. Music therapy is moving from a social-science model focusing on overall health and well-being towards a neuroscience model focusing on specific elements of music and its effect on sensorimotor, language and cognitive functions.


The handful of evidence-based music therapy studies on psychiatric conditions have shown promising results. Traditional music has only recently been evaluated in evidence-based research into music therapy. 


Traditional Music Therapy 


Music therapy is a creative opportunity to express emotions and heal oneself.  We work along traditional Chinese, African and Indian music approached for therapy. 


The ancient medical science of India, Ayurveda, has a branch that details how music can heal a variety of ailments of the body and mind. This process of specific application is called raga chikitsa or raga vidya. Evoking specific feelings and moods within the mind, body and soul of the listener is what Indian music is about, and the genre lends itself particularly well to therapeutic applications. Music therapy based on classical ragas is being used or advised these days for the treatment of insomnia, migraine, hypertension, chronic headache, anxiety, etc. and to boost the immune system as well as the healing mechanism of the body and Music is also considered the best tranquillizer in modern days of anxiety, tension and high blood pressure.

It is evident that music has such a great power of healing the whole living organism and right choice of music to be prescribed for different patients can play a vital role in their recovery. 


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Traditional Music Therapy