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Breathe Free Project 

Breathe Free Project, designed to enhance the wellbeing for survivors of domestic violence. It includes support practices, healing practices and counselling to improve physical, mental, emotional health of survivors along with self-esteem and confidence.  

Need Assessment

The impact of Chronic Pain is greater when it limits activities of daily living.  Aarogyam's walk-in integrative Clinics was proposed as a      multi-disciplinary team of expert chronic pain professionals (including Yoga therapy, Ayurveda, Physiotherapy, counselling, behavioural therapies and relaxations) helping patients manage their long-term pain in community setting. Purpose was to help patients manage their chronic pain by yoga techniques that enhance the quality of their lives and reduce their dependence on healthcare services. 

We did run community initiative and reviewed 98 patients over the 8-weeks program. All the participants reported pain as disabling factor in everyday activity. Limitation in social life and family has been affected in most cases. All the participants were under the supervision of GP and specialist consultants with stable medical treatment ongoing. In Spite of that pain was significantly high (average severity score was 7.8 reported out of 10). Anxiety, depression, stress was commonly associated with the tiredness, exertion, isolation and not being able to do normal day to day work. 22% of walking in participants were victims of domestic violence, who additionally reported panic and trauma signs. Most DV survivors had not reported police or GP and continued to stay with their partners. 


Most of the chronic pain patients were not at all satisfied with the health care system and showed willingness to join the program with the commitment of regular therapy sessions. Therefore, we specially designed 6-week integrative pain management program for people having chronic pain conditions to self manage their pain with combination of practices using Yoga therapy, Life style management, physiotherapy, breath work, relaxation, mindfulness, behavioural therapies and holistic counselling. 

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East Park Medical Centre, NHS trust Leicester