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Community Support

Community Care is at the centre of everything we do. We work in the community to improve people's lives via individualised and integrated care. We are a dedicated group of professionals who work with the community to meet what it needs.

Since our inception, we have grown to provide innovative, culturally responsive, and trauma-informed care services to people across England and Scotland.  We never stop looking for innovative approaches to supported self-management or better ways to execute them.

Our Projects

We believe in holistic approach based on individual needs. Holistic care represents a personalised care in association with people, professionals and the system. It happens when we make the most of the expertise, capacity and potential of people, families and communities. People access personalised care through six key programmes and this model demonstrates how these come together to deliver an all age, whole population approach. We pull together key areas based on a growing evidence: shared decision making, personalized care, allowing choice, culturally responsive, trauma informed and  whole health for all. 

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