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The Breathe Free Project is an independent initiative of Aarogyam UK CIC that provides support for adult survivors of mental health disorders, trauma, and abuse. 1 in 5 individuals experience a traumatic event (abuse as a child, accidents, domestic violence, sexual assault, migration, etc.) during their lifetime.  The effects of unresolved trauma can be catastrophic. not only affect our daily lives, but can also lead to disorders and have an adverse effect on our family lives and interpersonal relationships.  

We offer specialized culturally responsive and trauma informed counselling, personalized care based on whole person care approach, and well-being support services, as well as crisis support, workshops, and mental health training. 

We also provide training for friends and family, businesses, churches, and other community organizations on how to provide effective support to those with mental health disorders.

The Hard Truth 

Counselling and Support

Breathe Free Project, designed to enhance the wellbeing for survivors of domestic violence. It includes support program, counselling groups to improve physical, mental, emotional health of survivors along with self-esteem and confidence.  

Our Support and Services 

One Step at a Time 

Community based Group Psychotherapy 

Group psychotherapy is one of the most powerful tools for mental health and trauma recovery, which help survivors journey together, support one another, and learn from each other’s approaches to situations. We run weekly psychotherapy group for those experiencing long-term emotional and social difficulties arising from trauma. Each group is facilitated by an experienced counselor, therapist and a psychologist, some larger groups can have 2-3 team members supporting. 

Trauma Informed Therapy

Community based Trauma informed therapy group

Trauma-informed Therapy is a specific approach to group therapy that recognizes and emphasizes understanding how the traumatic experience impacts one's mental, behavioral, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. The purpose of trauma-informed therapy is to offer skills and strategies to assist the survivor in better understanding, coping with, processing emotions and memories tied to traumatic experiences, with the end goal of enabling one to create a healthier response. 

Personalized Counselling 

Culturally sensitive counselling and psychotherapy 

Breathe-Free offers specialist individual counselling and psychotherapy to help survivors of trauma to deal with some of the long-term effects arising from their experiences. This can be offered short term, long term, or alongside group. All of our therapists are trained, and experienced in culturally sensitive counselling and psychotherapy. 

Breathe-Free Program

Culturally sensitive counselling and psychotherapy 

Breathe-Free is an 8-week psychoeducation programme that focuses on personalized Trauma and Abuse Healing . The structured 8-week programme aims to look at ways to develop recovery skills alongside other survivors at various stages of their recovery path. Each session focuses on a different topic, such as the effects of trauma on the brain and body,  grounding skills, healthy boundaries and how to relate to others, and coping techniques. 

Training and Workshop

A range of half / full day training and workshops for community, groups, professionals and support organizations on mental health, long term trauma, domestic abuse or sexual assault, it’s impact, and how we can support survivors. Basic skills to deal with crisis, our well planned trainings help survivor needing skills for recovery, a supporter or professional wanting to help more effectively, or an organization keen to become trauma aware. 

Survivor's Self Management Program

To help and manage symptoms and  challenges of own mental and emotional health after a acute or choric traumatizing event, we provide 12-week group and personalized support 

Start Date: September 4, 2023

Support Practitioner's Program 

If you are a professional, practitioner or volunteers support people with mental health, acute or long term trauma  in the community, we provide specialized training and support 

Start Date: September 9, 2023

Impact and Evidence 

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Our scientific expertise and evidence contribute to a greater understanding of proven effective management, practice-based learning, and evidence-based practice within communities and support groups. As part of the global mental health initiatives, the Breathe-Free project has been at the forefront of highlighting and understanding mental illness, trauma, and violence against women intervention and support therapies.  


Our project experts are working on developing and integrating culturally sensitive, trauma-informed, individualized, collaborative therapies into community and primary care settings. 

Scientific Publications

Sharma N, Owen A, Sharma S, Mistry P (2019). Impact of Breathe-free program on psychological wellbeing of children witnessed family violence. At the DMU’s SVDV Research Network in partnership with Criminal and Civil Justice Working Group (CCJWG), held in De Montfort University, Leicester, UK; Friday 1st March 2019. De Montfort University research network for Sexual Violence Domestic Violence.

Sharma N, Shekhawat U, Sharma S (2019). Yoga Therapy for Battered Women with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. In the Oxford Women’s Leadership Symposium, held at the Oxford University; March 20. OWLS March 2019 Proceedings. 

Sharma N, Khandelwal R, Sharma A, Jain D (2019). Effects of a Legal Support Program on Women Experiencing Domestic Violence: Help Intervention Study. AICBEM-AICLEP 2019. Oxford University, Oxford UK. October 15. 


Sharma N, Solanki U, Jadeja B (2022). Breathe Free outcome study ‘Effectiveness of Culturally Sensitive Approach Addressing Domestic Violence in Community Based Partnership Initiative: Outcome Evaluation Study’ Oxford women’s leadership symposium, virtual presentation, March 17-19, 2022.

Sharma N, Patel M (2023). Community-Based Trauma Informed Care Program for Long term Mental Health Illnesses. (Working Paper). 

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