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Online Health Community

Why Aarogyam OHC?

Aarogyam online health community was established in February 2023 to improve community support and participation, provide better and comprehensive care, foster collaboration, and provide health-related information in a highly focused way.


Within three months of its inception, it has grown to a community of 1k+ participants, experts, and support practitioners. It is a rapidly expanding community support platform that is uses to give 

  • Assisted Disease Specific initiatives

  • Support groups and 

  • Professional-led groups. 

Many benefits of Aarogyam OHC participation, including increased support, perceived improvement in health and well-being, self - confidence, and reduced overall stress, depression, and psychological trauma, have been identified within three- months.


Unlike other online communities, Aarogyam's OHCs aim to provide a variety of integrated support including group therapy, psycho-educational therapy, and professional-led groups. Individual efforts (supported self-management) and social support are thus two essential Aarogyam OHC characteristics.

Benefits of Aarogyam OHC

  • Participants engage in forums and conversations, and respond to any questions, comments, enquiries, or concerns raised by users/patients.

  • A chance for patients to interact with one another and share their stories and seek assistance.

  • Create a peer support network for professionals in the medical community to share information and advise. 

  • A chance for healthcare professionals to hear firsthand from patients about how they are coping with symptoms 

  • A chance for peers to network and meet other patients. 

  • During a crisis, a platform such as COVID-19 can give reassurance and expertise to peers and users.


Aarogyam OHC is proud to be working closely with clinical and health professionals across expertise for providing support to help drive its online collaboration. As well as supporting the growth of the community we have built a modern interactive space for everyone to create and contribute to discussions surrounding their national health matters.

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Meet the Aarogyam OHC (UK)
Founder and Leads

Usha Solanki

Founder and Director, Aarogyam (UK) CIC

Asha Nathwani.jpg
Asha Nathwani

Founder and Patron, Aarogyam (UK) CIC

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